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Compaction Grouting:

Compaction Grouting is one of the sinkhole repair methods used to stabilize cover subsidence sinkholes, preventing soil from moving downward. This method increases the density of soft soils. Injection points are positioned according to the engineering plan and steel casings are drilled into the ground until the bedrock or limestone is reached. Controlled displacement of a thick grout-like material is injected at high pressure thru the steel casings, creating from the bottom up large grout columns that compact the soft or loose soil, thus filling the voids and increasing the density of the affected sinkhole area.

Chemical Grouting:

Another one of the sinkhole repair methods utilized is Chemical Grouting, a polymer expandable grout that hardens quickly into an impermeable mass. It is excellent for shallow sinkholes, such as voids immediately beneath foundations, narrow crevices or other sensitive areas where compaction grouts cannot be used. This type of grout is injected into the sinkholes or subsidence areas under low pressure, thus filling the sinkholes slowly, for the critical first ten feet. We strictly follow the engineering recommendations to stabilize the sinkhole condition. The entire stabilization process is monitored and documented by the retained engineering firm.


Is the method of stabilizing a foundation by means of structural steel piles to transfer the weight of the structure to competent load bearing strata. These steel piles with steel brackets are permanently attached to the structure’s foundation. An area around the structure’s foundation is excavated in order to place the brackets onto the foundation. The brackets and piers are placed in the pattern prescribed according to the engineering recommendations. The piers are then advanced to firm bearing strata, also according to engineering prescribed depts. Underpinning is also an excellent and economical method of stabilizing structures with underground material such as organic matter, expansive or shrinking soil. We strictly follow the engineering recommendations for the entire stabilization process. The entire stabilization process is monitored and documented by the retained engineering firm.

Cosmetic Repairs

As state certified building contractors, we can take care of your project from start to finish with the post sinkhole cosmetic repairs. Some of our services include:


Wall Repairs, Stucco, Painting, Concrete driveway replacement, Interlocking pavers installation, Roofing, Soffit & Fascia.


Wall Repairs, Drywall, Painting, Flooring (Ceramic Tile, Wood, Laminated, Carpet)

We have no doubt we will exceed your expectations!

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